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The YMCA has become a place where I look forward to visiting because you're always greeted with a friendly smile and a willingness from others to help you.

I appreciate the enormous possibilities of meeting and growing relationships with others who also attend the YMCA. I enjoy the resources that are available, including weekly bible study, pickleball, swimming, weights, and so much more. For me, the YMCA has become a place where I can express Jesus' love for everyone in many ways and also receive the same love through people. I thank God for the YMCA.

I will never forget one special moment when I visited the Y. A woman brought in some displays of her artistic work. The work was scriptures in a frame. To her surprise, everyone who observed her display were immediately impacted with such encouragement that they wanted to purchase them.

Those scriptures were her pride and joy. She was not prepared to release them as it became obvious that the gift she had been given was giving so much life to others. She struggled for a moment to release them from her heart and give them to others so that their hearts could experience her joy. God's gifts are to be shared.

By giving to others, she experienced an even greater joy than from what she had made and how it made her feel. Others could now experience that joy. 

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