23ST Nicholas Braniecki

It was time for a change and I committed myself to a program to spark a healthier lifestyle. 

I started my day at the Southtowns YMCA with the idea that a morning workout would set me on a path to success in both my work life and home life. My journey began with daily use of the elliptical machines, slowly increasing my workout duration and intensity and tracking my progress. The impact on my mental health was almost immediate and my physical health followed shortly thereafter. Nearly a full year later, I’ve expanded to a well-rounded routine of both cardio and weights. I have more energy and a brighter outlook which I attribute to my membership at the Y.

Goals are an important motivating factor for me. Y Rewards provided me with an opportunity to set both immediate and more long-term goals for myself. As a fiercely competitive person, I immediately focused on one of the highest value perks of the program – a free month of membership! I knew that if I committed to a schedule of three visits per week, I could achieve this goal in about a year.

Consistency was key, and a few months after I began my program, working out became habitual and I was exceeding my weekly goal. I saw many of the same people every morning and began to get to know the staff, which fueled my motivation further. I’m happy to say that I surpassed my goal and earned a free membership in roughly nine months...but more importantly, I established healthy habits that are now a part of my lifestyle. I’ve even set out additional goals for myself, including running a 5K.

-Nicholas Braniecki, Southtowns YMCA Member

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