YMCA Buffalo Niagara Whistleblower Policy

YMCA Buffalo Niagara is committed to the highest standards of institutional integrity. The Y seeks to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, ethical standards, and corporate policies.

The Y treats reports of potential violations of applicable laws and regulations, ethical standards, and adopted corporate policies seriously and will investigate such reports and concerns expeditiously. Moreover, the YMCA’s directors, officers, trustees, and employees have an affirmative duty to report such potential violations immediately.

A complete copy of YMCA Buffalo Niagara’s complete Whistleblower policy can be downloaded here. To report any concerns to the compliance officer, Debra Schaper, please call 716.276.5988 or download the reporting form and submit it to:

  Debra Schaper
  (716) 276-5988
  301 Cayuga Road, Suite 100
  Buffalo, NY 14225
  [email protected]

Individuals who submit reports are encouraged to identify themselves and provide contact information so that they can be contacted for additional information if necessary, and so that the matter may be more easily investigated. Reports, however, may be made anonymously. Anonymous reports will be investigated to the greatest extent possible. An anonymous report can be submitted by leaving a message on the confidential compliance officer voice mailbox at (716) 276-5988 or by submitting a written report to the above address. A report related to conduct by the compliance officer should be directed to the YMCA's Board of Directors Treasurer, [email protected].