As a member of the Y, you get four free 30-minute appointments with a certified wellness coach to help build a fitness program personalized to your goals and abilities. 

What to Expect:

  • Your first meeting includes a review of health history, goals, wellness offerings, and a basic movement assessment.
  • The next three 30-minute appointments include a personalized program that supports your goals and familiarizes you with all the Y has to offer.
  • All sessions take place at YMCA wellness centers. 

Our certified wellness coaches use their knowledge of current exercise research concepts, methods of sound exercise principles, and state-of-the-art equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. They will customize and implement a program based on your health and individual needs.

You can sign up online for a Wellness Orientation at our Independent Health, Lockport, and Southtown Wellness Centers. Start your journey to better health with one of our wellness coaches today!

Set up a Wellness Orientation Appointment at Independent Health, Lockport, Southtowns.

To set up a Wellness Orientation at Delaware, Ken-Ton, and William-Emslie, please click here