2022 Marisa

"I'm a mother of two boys ages 1 and 7. Due to my schooling, maintaining a stable income has been a challenge and it's been difficult finding suitable employment that accommodates my family's busy schedule.

Access for All has made it possible for my family to remain active at the Y.

It allows my son to participate in basketball, summer camp, swim lessons, child watch, family fun nights, holiday parties, and he absolutely loves the adventure room!

My son always looks forward to the Y. Whether to play with his buddies on the playground, or practice his basketball skills in the gym, my son has developed many lasting friendships at the Y and he is constantly surrounded by wonderful adult role models (especially his summer camp counselors!). I am extremely grateful that my son can be a member of the YMCA.

The Y encourages my son to be active, respectful, safe, and confident. Their endless support, welcoming atmosphere, confidence-building programs, nonjudgmental stance, and commitment to the community are just a few of the inspiring aspects of this organization. I cannot say it enough, I am extremely thankful for the Y and the supportive role it plays in my family's life. My son is continuously offered opportunities and thanks to the access for all program, he does not have to miss out of some of the most important and rewarding aspects of childhood."

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