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Membership Rate Adjustment FAQ

Since the Y reopened last Fall, thousands of our members have returned and we are happy to report that we have maintained a safe and healthy environment for all.   

Now is a great time to rejoin us! Our pricing structure will be changing on December 15. If you join before then, we will lock you into our current categories and rates for the next year. We are also excited to announce that all active members will have access to all our facilities throughout Western New York.  

Q: Why is the YMCA making this change? 

A: In today’s challenging environment, the Y is experiencing increased costs. We are committed to providing high quality facilities, staff, and programs for our members, and are proud to have served Western New York since 1852. These changes will allow us to continue to positively impact our community well into the future. 


Q: I’m ready to join, which branch should I go to?  

A: Sign up at your nearest YMCA Buffalo Niagara branch. We have six convenient locations throughout Western New York, offering a welcoming and clean environment for all our members. 


Q: Will my rate ever increase? 

A: If you join before December 15 your member rate will not change in 2022, as long as you maintain an active membership. Member rates are evaluated annually and are subject to change. 


Q: What does ‘maintain an active membership’ mean? 

A: Your membership is considered “active” unless you miss a payment or cancel your membership. If your membership becomes inactive, you are subject to the Y’s current rates at time of re-activation. 


Q: Am I able to use more than one facility with my membership? 

A: Yes! Beginning December 15, your YMCA Buffalo Niagara membership provides you access to all six of our branches in Erie and Niagara counties, as well as most Ys in the U.S. 


Q: What are the new membership rates and categories? 

A: Please see the new member categories and rates below, effective December 15, 2021. 



Monthly Rate 


 Age 12-18 



 Age 19-62 



 Age 63 & up 


 1-Adult Family 

 One adult and all unmarried, dependent children through age 26 who reside in the household 


 2-Adult Family 

 Two adults residing in the same household and all unmarried, dependent children through age 26 


 Senior Family 

 Two adults residing in the same household, with either individual being 63 years of age or older 



Q:  What if I can’t afford a membership at the Y? 

A: The YMCA does not turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. Our Access for All program provides financial assistance for YMCA membership to those in need. Enrolling in this program is easy – when signing up for membership online please enter your household income range and your membership rate will automatically be adjusted. Or simply stop by the Member Services desk at one of our locations. 


Q: What are the benefits of membership at the Y? 

A: When you join the Y you are part of a supportive community. Membership at the Y includes: 

  • State-of-the-art fitness centers 

  • Lap swim, family swim, and learn-to-swim programs 

  • Group fitness classes 

  • Attentive staff to help you achieve your wellness goals 

  • Family programming 

  • Member discounts and priority registration 

  • Free Personalized Fitness Program 

  • Complimentary child watch (hours vary by branch) 

  • Access to all locations in Erie and Niagara counties, as well as Ys in the U.S. 


Q: What happened to the Youth membership category? 

A: YMCA Buffalo Niagara, as a leading provider of youth activities, is committed to serving youth and families in Western New York. Active members who currently have a youth membership will see no change. For new youth members we are encouraging parents to sign up as a family membership, which has great benefits for adults as well as youth including family fun nights, group fitness classes, complimentary child watch, family swim, and more. If affordability is an issue, our Access for All program provides financial assistance for those in need. 


Q: What is the Y doing to stay safe during the Covid pandemic? 

A: The health and well-being of our members is our number one priority, and we work diligently every day to create a welcoming and clean environment for all. Since the Y reopened last Fall, we have welcomed thousands of our members back to our facilities. Thanks to our stringent safety protocols, we are happy to report the Y has had zero COVID cases originate at the Y.